It's time to remove plugin support from Firefox mobile

Kevin Brosnan kbrosnan at
Fri May 10 12:07:13 PDT 2013

>> According to
>> , "Adobe will continue to provide critical bug fixes and security
>> updates for existing device configurations through September 2013".
>> Assuming 6 weeks per release, Firefox 24 will be released mid-September,
>> just in time for EoL of Flash on Android. I think this is a good time to
>> start making plans for this.
> The hardware Flash runs on does not immediately get replaced. We do
> need to provide an exit ramp. But a wall on September is not the
> correct action. Flash runs on about 70% of the hardware currently on
> the market.
> Kevin

I should clarify this Adobe currently supports 70% of Android devices. 
(2.2, 2.3, 4.0). Flash will run on all versions higher than Android 
2.1. Which is 98% of Android devices.


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