It's time to remove plugin support from Firefox mobile

Richard Newman rnewman at
Fri May 10 11:21:52 PDT 2013

> * The only plugin that most users care about is Flash. Adobe stopped
> development for Flash on Android in November of 2011, which is a year
> and a half ago[1].

My brand-new HTC One shipped with Flash. Adobe might have stopped development, but Flash is far from dead.

> * Popular sites that use plugins have native apps. This includes
> YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and so on. Other sites can follow suit or use
> modern web technologies like HTML5. Addons are also an option.

Stamping on the long tail seems like a bad thing for the web, and removing support for an enormous library of content and functionality seems bad for users.

As Brad said: let's have this conversation when Shumway arrives.

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