Fx21, Fx22: Converging on Uplifts

Erin Lancaster elancaster at mozilla.com
Thu May 2 17:08:06 PDT 2013


Our rate of uplifts have been on an even keel since the last release in early April which is awesome since generally the less uplifts, the better. Since the go-to-build for the final beta for Firefox 21 is happening on Monday and the cut-off for uplifting to Aurora (Fx22) is a week later, on May 13th,  I did some scrubbing to unearth any potential uplifts we want to make a decision about: 

Bug 860158 - Language in search box changes while typing <==  Bug 862069 would have to be uplifted, first.  Need uplift risk assessment and request.
Bug 857661 - Topsites tab is showing an entry with blank content <== Affects Fx21+

Bug 867637 - Disable dynamic toolbar in Firefox 22 <== Needs Relman approval request
Bug 858994 - about:home allows creation of non-URI bookmarks  <== Uplift is RelMan Approved, just need to see how the patch for is looking, first  Bug 866150

Recent Uplifts \o/ 
Bug 865923 - Touching item in AwesomeBar ListView highlights entire list on Froyo and Gingerbread
Bug 858978 - Regression: Vertical line on URL bar

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[1] Fixed in Fx23: http://mzl.la/YqfHCQ
[2] Verified in Fx23: http://mzl.la/ZCXGAa

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