Implementation strategy for about:home redesign

Margaret Leibovic margaret.leibovic at
Wed Apr 17 11:43:59 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Earlier today, Ian filed a bunch of bugs about the new about:home redesign
(see bug 862793), and I was wondering what our implementation strategy for
this is going to be. I know that Brian just landed bug 838793 to convert
AboutHomeContent into a fragment, but I'd like to know what steps are next,
and if anyone has already started working on them.

One thing I haven't seen discussed is the game plan for replacing the
current AweseomeBar activity with about:home. Bug 862813 talks about how
users will access the new multipage about:home, so that may be the place to
implement this switch, but I'm curious to sort out what dependencies there
might be.

This redesign seems like it will require a lot of changes, and I just
wanted to start this thread to communicate what exactly is going to be
going on.

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