Blanket approval for Metro-only uplifts to Aurora 28

Matt Brubeck mbrubeck at
Fri Jan 17 10:01:51 PST 2014

To help reduce bottlenecks and triage work, we have decided that 
*Metro-only *patches for v1 blocker bugs (tagged with beta28 or 
release28) can land on mozilla-aurora without explicit approval.

Metro engineers can land these patches on aurora with "a=metro-only" in 
the commit message.  Or you can mark your bugs "checkin-needed" with a 
note in the whiteboard specifying uplift to Aurora, and I (or RyanVM if 
he beats me to it) will land them.

*IMPORTANT*:  Patches that touch any files used outside of Metro Firefox 
(basically anything outside of /browser/metro and /widget/windows/winrt) 
still need to go through the explicit approval process.  And once 
Firefox for Metro is on the Beta channel, we will require explicit 
approval for uplifts to mozilla-beta.

This decision was based on discussions between Lukas Blakk (release 
management), Ryan VanderMeulen (sheriffs), and me (metro).  Let us know 
if you have any questions.
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