Metro Chrome is now Metro Chrome OS

Matt Brubeck mbrubeck at
Thu Jan 16 13:35:24 PST 2014

This has been on the Chrome Beta channel for a while, but as of this 
week Chrome 32 has been released, and they completely replaced their 
Metro browser with, essentially, a version of Chrome OS that runs within 
the full-screen Metro environment.  It includes its own clock, taskbar, 
and window manager:

Essentially Chrome does not have a Metro-style browser, and are instead 
using the immersive environment for a completely different purpose.  
They are not even using the Metro edge gestures or charms for any useful 
purpose.  This is interesting to us because Chrome is now clearly not a 
direct competitor to Firefox for Metro -- they don't offer what we 
offer, nor vice-versa.

I'd encourage everyone to fire up Chrome 32 and experiment a bit with 
their new thing if you haven't already.  Also, I spotted this Twitter 
exchange with the author of the ZDNet article above:

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