[Marketing-Public]new IE in summer

|<onrad karpieszuk at interia.pl
Thu, 17 Feb 2005 20:46:09 +0100

Dnia 02/17/2005 08:23 PM, Użytkownik Chris Ilias napisał:
> _|<onrad_ spoke thusly:
>>i hope you heard that in this summer Microsoft will publish IE7. Is 
>>Mozilla Foundation ready for this step?
>>Maybe some negative marketing campaign? :) "Beware of new hazard in this 
>>summer!" ;)
> I think others in here have already expressed an unwillingness to do a
> "negative marketing campaign". I agree with them.

OK but maybe you didn't understand me well. I think about negative but 
funny campaign :) I'm thinking about some word-play but i am not very 
good in english :) Find some good word-play and use it :) for example in 
poland one of mobile operator has a marketing slogan "pozdrawiamy 
drogich konkurentow" what i can translate for english like "greetings 
for our dear competitors" but also "greetings for our expensive 
competitors". ("drogich" has much meanings: "dear" "precious" and 
"expensive" or "costly")

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