Jeremy C Jeremy C <jimmy1812 at gmail.com>
Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:48:27 +1100

Hi Guys,

I came up with the Firefox Flash movie idea. Just wanted to know where
thats heading? haha. no word in a while!! We still on board??


On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 16:01:17 +0100, Tristan Nitot <tristan@nitot.com> wrote:
> Dillon Williams wrote:
> >Aside from the hosting, have you ever considered just buying the
> >domain and either donating to the Mozilla Foundation or just doing a
> >complete redirect to getfirefox.com?. I don't know what kind of ideas
> >that you have for the website, but I think that they could definitely
> >benefit from that additional domain. What does everyone think of this?
> >
> >
> I agree. I suggest to donate it to Mozilla Europe (.ro being in Europe).
> We'll redirect it to the upcoming pages in RO as soon as they are up.
> It happens that he may not use firefox.no nor Mozilla.no nor any other
> top level domain.
> This is stated in
> http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/trademarks/policy.html (see below)
> <<
> Domain names cannot include our trademarks without asking us. This is
> because it's hard for a URL to meet the "non-confusing" requirement. We
> request that proposals for sites called www.get<product>.xx (or
> equivalent in another language) be download sites, and
> www.spread<product>.xx (or equivalent) be community advocacy portals. If
> you would like to build a Mozilla, Firefox or Thunderbird promotional
> site for your region, we encourage you to join an existing official
> localization project. Official localization projects have more
> flexibility in using our trademarks to build promotional sites.
> It's fine to call your site a name like Fire*, *Fox, etc. If you want to
> call it MozSomething, you need to ask, but we are pretty likely to say Yes.
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