[Marketing-Public]Promotional Website for Firefox?

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> Can someone let me know the official promotional website for Firefox?
> Is it Firefox.com or GetFirefox.com or SpreadFirefox.com or
> takebacktheweb.org or mozilla.org/products/firefox/

GetFirefox.com just redirects to mozilla.org/products/firefox/ (it's mostly
a short url to the product page)
SpreadFirefox.com is the grassroots marketing site.
Takebacktheweb.org is just for Jon Hicks' Firefox materials, IIRC. (it's
registered by Hicksdesign)
Firefox.com, I'm not sure the plan with it. :-/
> Also, similar situation for extensions? i often seen
> extensionsmirror.nl or extensionroom.mozdev.org or
> texturizer.net/firefox or extensions.roachfiend.com quoted in forums?
> i so far assumed, update.mozilla.org as the official one?

Update.mozilla.org is official. Extensionroom/texturizer.net/firefox are the
older, but most respected community sites. ExtensionsMirror.nl appeared
around 0.8, when er/texturizer.net failed, and extensions.roachfiend.com is
just an authors website, IIRC.

> Though i don't know what's happening under the hood, i see too much
> repetitive work here?
> Thanks much
> ram
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