[Marketing-Public]Deeply hidden localized Firefox builds

Oliver Doepner o.doepner at web.de
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 22:09:06 +0200 (CEST)


Here's my 2 cents on Bart's blog entry about the Mozilla.org website:

Bart Decrem wrote:
> Millions of users are visiting our web site each month, and we have to
> offer them a simple, easy-to-understand homepage that allows them to
> easily understand why they should get Firefox, and how they can get it.

I agree with that. And in one aspect Mozilla.org fails badly in achieving
that goal:

Consider that much of the world is not English spoken. It is way too
difficult (or even impossible) to find localized builds on Mozilla.org.

It would be easy to take the HTTP accept-language header as a hint on the
locale of a website visitor as already done with OS information in the
browser string.

Then the site should offer the latest build for that locale at least as an
alternative next to the default (English) download link.

For example for me - a Linux user with German as first accept-language -
the Mozilla homepage would offer "Firefox 1.0PR, Linux (x86), English
(8.1MB)" _and_ "Firefox 0.9.3, Linux (x86), Deutsch (8.1MB)".

Currently a German user needs to find his way through a pure English
website and

- click on "Products" on the frontpage
- find and click the link to the "Downloads page"
- potentially click on "Firefox Preview Release"
- then "Other Systems and Languages"
- scroll down under "Contributed builds"
- realize that something is "Coming soon"

- maybe accidentally click on "MLP"
- scroll down to "German (de-DE)"
- click on German localization website
- find out that 0.9.3 is a "current" version
- click his OS (e.g. "Linux")
- click Download
- finally receive what he was looking for: The latest Firefox release in
  his language!

That's twelve rather non-obvious clicks one of which is really just lucky
trying ("MLP").

Many people just don't want to download an English software, especially as
they don't know how easy it is to install a language pack later on. So
they will search for their language and get lost ...