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Scott Lyons Scott Lyons <slyons at gmail.com>
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 21:41:50 -0700

Hello to all the Marketing mailing list subscribers!

This past Monday, the 20th, I proposed a new marketing idea at the
SpreadFirefox.com website.  In an effort to inform more Mozilla fans,
I am sending my original posting to this mailing list.  I hope this
will generate more feedback, and ideally, reach someone who is
involved with the Mozilla store.

My original posting can be found at this link, and is pasted in its
entirety below:  http://www.spreadfirefox.com/?q=node/view/1232

Scott Lyons

Posted by SLyons on Mon, 09/20/2004 - 19:12 :: Marketing Ideas
Lapel pins would be a perfect way to spread Firefox, Thunderbird,
Sunbird, and any other Mozilla product.

Have you ever seen Hard Rock Café pins, or commemorative Olympic pins?
Those are enamel lapel pins. The high quality pins are made through a
cloisonné process, which is where a die is used to strike the designs.
The individual colors are then generally hand filled and then fired in
a kiln one color at a time to prevent bleeding. The end result is a
durable, glossy, professional looking pin.

When ordered in bulk(typically one hundred minimum), the cost per pin
is typically under $2.50. For quantities in the thousands, the cost of
production can decline to under $.50 per pin. Whether produced in
small batches or large batches, there is a potential for a large
markup, thus more profit and funding for Mozilla's endeavors.

Lapel pins would be an ideal way to advertise and simply show support
for the software.

As a college student, I see people with pins on their backpacks and
clothing every single day. I would put one of these on my bags, and I
would give them to my friends if they'd do the same. We would
literally serve as a walking advertisement. And as the name suggests,
these pins are perfect for wearing. They are generally small in size,
and with the overall attractiveness of the Firefox, Thunderbird, and
Sunfire logos, they would look great.

These pins would also be an ideal promotional item. There have been
discussions of raising Firefox awareness on college campuses. What
better way to do that then by handing out a free pin? These pins could
also be made available at any computer, software, or internet
conferences where Mozilla may have a booth. People love free things.
By distributing these pins as promotional items, Firefox could reach a
new user base.

I would strongly urge the Mozilla store into offering lapel pins.