[Marketing-Public]Firefox critical/blocker bugs

Oliver Doepner o.doepner at web.de
Fri, 17 Sep 2004 17:21:33 +0200 (CEST)


I am in severe doubt if it makes sense to heavily market and promote an
immature product like Firefox 1.0PR.

It's OK to release pre 1.0 versions for technically experienced users. But
the recent big press of "Firefox going 1.0" in combination with the beta
quality of the 1.0 PR release doesn't feel good to me. My impression is
that 1.0 PR is less stable than 0.9.3.

I have just checked bugzilla.mozilla.org for confirmed unsolved (new,
assigned or reopened) bugs in Firefox that are considered critical or even
blockers. For pragmatic reasons I have constrained the search to bugs on
"all OS" or one of the major Windows OS version (XP, 98, 2000) or Linux:


The result was 50 bugs. Many of them are crashes.

If I include the _unconfirmed_ bugs to the search I get 295!


I have personally experienced reproducible crashes of FF 1.0PR on a site
where 0.9.3 didn't have a problem. It is one the heaviest traffic site in
Germany where people look up times and connections for German railway:


The bug makes printing a railway connection impossible. But that is what
most people want to do there!

Personally I will defer promoting Firefox until a solid 1.x is available.