[Marketing-Public]Re: Firefox on Overture

Bryan Simonson Bryan Simonson <manticor at gmail.com>
Fri, 10 Sep 2004 23:43:23 -0700

> > [Bryan originally said:}
> > Will there be any way to track if this causes any downloads? I set the
> > click-through URL to this:
> > http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/?src=overture
> [Lachlan replied:]
> Why can't this just be done using the normal HTTP Referer headers?

Referers don't tell us whether or not the click came from a paid
source. If (somehow) Mozilla.org happened to be the #1 natural result
for a search on "disable internet explorer" and was also bidded to the
#1 position on Overture, and somebody clicked through both, the
referer would still look like this:

But, depending on which link was clicked, the user would arrive at
either one of the following:

You can be almost 100% sure that anybody who arrived at the first URL
came through Overture paid listings, whereas the other URL simply
looks like natural traffic. (Even if traffic is not likely on a term
like "disable internet explorer").

Hope this makes sense.