[Marketing-Public]Re: Firefox on Google (Bryan Simonson)

Bryan Simonson Bryan Simonson <manticor at gmail.com>
Thu, 9 Sep 2004 22:26:20 -0700

>> I had thought the fact that Firefox has a google search bar at the top
>> would be a huge bonus, but then I just noticed that IE on Win XP SP2 has
>> a nice Google search pane available also.

Even if IE didn't offer Google search, they don't need Mozilla's help
to deliver new users.

The only real value Google gets from helping Firefox in any way is the
lack of spyware. Google loses quite a bit of traffic to popups from
the likes of Claria (FKA Gator), WhenU, 180 Solutions, and slew of
others. What is contained in the popups? Links to keyword bids from
competing networks.

If Google would be interested in anything Mozilla has to offer, that
would be it.

By the same token, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo might be more willing to
entertain some sort of deal in exchange for adding a search plugin for
them. But it's doubtful because they both have IE Toolbars.

>>> One other thing Mozilla could do is purchase sponsorship on Google by
>>> using Adwords.  Would be pretty easy and straightforward.
>>> I'm sure Blake has already planned that funds permitting, the problem
>>> is most of the search terms people are most likely to be looking for
>>> Mozilla already feature links to either Firefox or the suite so
>>> advertising on common keywords is unlikely.

Most people don't even know that the general term for IE is a
"browser." So those keywords wouldn't give as much view as you might
think. Look at the comparison below of searches on the Overture

7563435 -- internet explorer
83746 -- web browser
37044 -- browser

For $0.05 per click, Mozilla could advertise it's IE alternative on
the search term "internet explorer" (no quote). Also take note; Fully
3/5 of the ads on Google for the term "internet explorer" are about
repairing problems. So we definitely know the selling point.

Use the following link to check the amount of monthly search queries
on the Overture network for a specific keyword:

Also, while we're in the vein of search marketing, what about a
Google-bomb? If few thousand people linked to Mozilla.org with the
text "internet explorer," it might make it into the top ten for that