[Marketing-Public]Re: Weblogs RSS feed on mozilla.org home page

Tim Rowley tor at cs.brown.edu
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 11:10:53 -0400

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 03:56:46PM +0100, Michael Lefevre wrote:
> I'm all for making more people aware of the Mozilla community blogs, as
> (and this isn't necessarily a good thing) there isn't much other
> communication about some important stuff, but I'm not sure that putting it
> all up on the home page is a good idea.

Yeah, perhaps the space could be better used as a list of
links - moz.eu, moz.jp, and planet would be a good start.

> And while tor is on the cc line - Asa's blog seems to have disappeared
> from planet. Is that just a mistake or was there some reason for removing
> it?

Asa requested it to be removed.

> Also, Dave Hyatt's personal blog is up there (although he hasn't used
> it recently) - I think all the browser-related stuff is in the safari
> blog, and if we're aiming for Mozilla related stuff...

Okay, I've removed his personal blog from the list.

> And finally, Cheah Chu Yeow recently wondered why he wasn't on
> planet - http://blog.codefront.net/archives/category/mozilla/
> ...

He's not syndicated for starters because I haven't heard of him
(at least by that name, perhaps I know him by irc nick) and he
hasn't asked to be added.

We're trying to keep the content of planet down to developers or
those closely linked with the project (translators, moz.org
infrastructure, etc).

BTW: I've changed how planet gets Daniel Glazman's blog - it's
not pretty, as he now appears five times on the sidebar, but does
restrict the syndication to mozilla related topics.