[Marketing-Public]website stats summary

raiph raiph at temporalgyrus.com
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 02:46:49 +0100

I thought this might be interesting. A condensed summary
of the website stats at http://www.mozilla.org/webalizer/

Any analysis, insights, links etc. welcomed.

Date      Visits  OKs  404s   OKs only 200s, no 302s etc.

Sep 2003     12    72     3   in millions
Oct          14   110     4
Nov          16   172     9   new site
Dec          18   180    15
Jan 2004     22   189    19
Feb          11   104    14   people decide to wait?
Mar           8    80    16
Apr           8    80    18
May           7    66    80
Jun           6    66    79
Jul          52   604    11   download.ject?
Aug          60   595     1

If you extrapolate Sep-Jan as a curve, you end up with something
akin to what you got in July, August.

In other words, as suggested in my comments above, maybe people
decided to ignore mozilla.org for a few months but the underlying
growth in other respects continued unabated. Then the alert/press
wave in late June was simply a catalyst to act for those who were
thinking about doing something about Firefox anyway to go do it.

If so, that would suggest there's just a simple long term
underlying trend of a 15% a month visit climb, with a new user
climb which is, presumably, less than that.

What happened with 404s in May-Jun? There were more 404s than OKs!
A broken image?

While I'm posting summaries of stats I'll note that these:
indicate a pretty steady 7% per month developer growth over
an 18 month period.

love raiph