[Marketing-Public]Microsoft to own patent for "tab browsing"

Robin Monks Robin Monks <devlinks at gmail.com>
Thu, 9 Sep 2004 13:29:14 -0300

Look at: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=18336 .

>From the article "THOSE watching Vole's more recent moves with the US
Patent office have started to pull files to see if the software giant
has any more rabbits up its sleeve.

Much to the shock of Firefox and Mozarella users everywhere, it seems
that Vole owns the patent for tab based browsing.

In March 1997 the software giant showed up at the patent office with
the invention of Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks via
tabs. In other words, when a computer user uses the Tab key to move
the focus from one hyperlink to another on a webpage opened in a
browser, the use of that function is now owned by Microsoft.

We are interested at how Vole managed to pull this one on the Patent
Office as Delphi was using tabs in the mid 1990s, so did Lotus

But the nice people behind the counter smiled and said on August 31
certainly Mr Gates take patent number 6,785,865. On the same day they
were also given another patent number 6,784,354 for "Generating a
music snippet".

This means that technically if you slice up a music stream into bits
you have to send some form of acknowledgment to Microsoft for coming
up with the idea.

Most of us are sitting with our fingers in our ears waiting for the
massive number of writs that might emerge if Vole ever decides to
enforce some of the patents which officialdom has seen fit to grant

Can this be verified?  What will this mean for Mozilla?

Robin Monks
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