[Marketing-Public]hi, how can i help?

raiph spam at temporalgyrus.com
Fri, 03 Sep 2004 15:47:00 +0100

email@stevenwallace.id.au wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>I've just joined the list,
>How can I help?
>I'm Graphic Designer in Australia, most of my work been for print, (logos,
>posters etc)
>done a few websites, in the middle of designing a few more
>i'm here and willing to help
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the offer.

It would be great if you would consider being involved in design and
production of some screenshots, and, more usefully putting together a
permanent screenshots team / project.

Right now screenshot design and production is an ad hoc affair that
often falls to Mozilla Foundation staff such as Rafael Ebron.

The result of this is that we don't get nearly as many screenshots
as we could, they're often not as well designed as they could be,
and MF spend time working on something that the community
could do better.

This is becoming a pressing issue for me because the wordsmiths
team is starting to produce mozilla.org web pages.

To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, consider:

This illustrates many issues. We need:
o Lots of screenshots -- 100s of hours worth of work
o Screen consistency -- chrome, resolutions, zoom, cropping
o Annotation consistency -- highlights, arrows, labels
o Efficiency -- set up a toolset / team / process
o Multi-platform -- Mac, Linux, Windows
o Sequence design -- screen1 shows x, screen2 shows y, etc.
o Screen design -- where the cursor goes, etc.
o QA -- vanilla Firefox (no extra menu entries), right version etc.
o Shotrot -- screenshots get invalidated by unrelated menu changes

Besides wordsmithed documents, a particularly important quick win
that should be relatively easy and garner a load of praise would be
to produce previews of the themes on u.m.o.

I'd also imagine that if this team got going and demonstrated consistent
design, production and management quality, it would be a natural starting
point for a more general graphics team.

But my only concern at this point is screenshots. Interested?

love raiph