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Tristan Nitot tristan at nitot.com
Thu, 02 Sep 2004 18:06:27 +0200


thomas.alabor@mydiax.ch wrote:

>Hi all,
>just some notes on my visite of www.mozilla.org.
>- As an international user there is missing a "direct" link to localized homepages like de (for german). I'd be nice to have this for example directly below the mozilla-logo on the left side.
>- even in the community section, the international aspect of the community is really marginal...  is it really your attention to speak first to developers and AFTER to the User community (see next point)  (my impression is, that a non-english-spreak will never find the community of his/her language...  and can you change "german" to "deutsch"? - that would be nice).
>BTW: is http://www.mozilla.org/community/intl/de.html the only german site on mozilla.org?
see http://mozilla-europe.org/de/

I was told that links to Mozilla-europe.org and mozilla-Japan would soon 
appear in the footer. I agree that this is needed


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