[Marketing-Public]Look for IE pop-up blocking in June

Albert Ren marketing-public at mozilla.org
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 01:30:13 -0500

Chris I wrote:

> http://tinyurl.com/223h9
> I don't know if this is already known. According to the Toronto Star 
> article linked above, MS is releasing a Service Pack for Windows in 
> June, that will include pop-up blocking.
Yep, the XP SP2 beta I had installed a while back had popup blocking 
working just fine.  As far as the general user is concerned, it's more 
than enough for what they need.  We're going to need some *other* killer 
feature, though we can still sell popup blocking to IE6 users that don't 
already have msn/google toolbar on Win98/2000/ME.  I'm pretty sure SP2 
also steals our idea of extensions too.