[Marketing-Public]informal support proposal

Chris I marketing-public at mozilla.org
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 01:55:21 -0500

Amount of time, IMO, isn't an issue. Whether it be newsgroups, web
forums, IRC, or email, the amount of time is usually just as fast, if
not faster, than support for other products and services.

Using other products/services as references, the most I see is some sort
of support address, or form to fill (similar to bugzilla bug report
form), that is replied to via email. I know I would love it, if every
newsgroup user were to fill out a form to post their question, thus
directing it to the proper forum, and having all the info there.
Lavasoft (makers of Ad-Aware) and Nullsoft (Winamp) have first a FAQ
section, then actual web forums on their site.

If this is possible, here's my idea:
support.mozilla.org should first have a FAQ. I know there are already
FAQs, and they are quite extensive; so I just think they need to be more
easy to find. Second, if the FAQ does not answer the user's question,
the user can fill out a form, which will be sent to a private mailing
list. (here's where it gets tricky) If someone has an answer, the
reply-to is set to the list and the user who asked the question. This
way, other tech support personnel know that the question has been
answered and what the answer is. The reply-to sent to the user should be
the mailing list address. This way if the user would like to reply to
the answer given, all tech support personnel get to see it again.

Don't know if that's possible, but you get some sort of efficiency and
ease of use to the user that way. The definite problem with that is
there is a good possibility of duplicate questions.

I also like Simon's idea of a bugzilla type knowledge base, where each
question is given a ticket number. It would make the the database more
accessible to the 'question asking user'; however sometimes it's easier
to just answer the question than find a duplicate ticket. Who's going to
triage it?

Speaking of user support, when are the newsgroups going to be renamed?
(reference: http://www.mozilla.org.uk/newsgroups.txt )
Where is the best place to ask this question, and where do I find more
info on the status?

P.S. Any of you here about the old lady who called her computer 
manufacturer to complain that the cup holder attached to her computer 
broke off? She thought the CD-ROM tray was a cup holder. :-D

Bart Decrem spoke thusly:
> Mozilla Champions is indeed a wonderful service for users, but it's not 
> a complete solution.   For one thing, newsgroups can be intimidating to 
> beginning users.  Also, many users want some SLA - some guarantee that 
> their question will get an answer from a professional in some 
> predictable amount of time, knowing that there's a 'supervisor' involved 
> so that their are some quality controls.  Therefore, in my opinion, the 
> appropriate set of support options should include more than one 
> technology, focus almost obsessively on making the experience as 
> user-friendly and approachable as possible, and offer a mix of free and 
> paid services.   
> /bd
>>>Simon Males wrote:
>>>>Consider this brain food- a techie proposal, but a system that may 
>>>>do the job. I heard on another dicussion list of companies using 
>>>>bugzilla as a email ticketing system.
>>>>One top of that, have a team who sort the email and assign them to the
>>>>appropriate modules to which the appropriate module owners/teams are
>>>>experience in that part of Mozilla and will respectivly respond to the
>>>>Providing an archiving system for responded to queries. Using Super
>>>>review flags as a form of escalation management. A QA team reviewing 
>>>>email before being checked in (sent), regularly at first for new
>>>>supporters then random unannounced live reviewing before being sent.
>>>>Chew on that.
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