[Marketing-Public]informal support proposal

Moz Champion marketing-public at mozilla.org
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 23:51:50 -0500


          You already have one such. A scalable, self sustaining, high 
quality option for users. And best of all its free.
Its called the Mozilla Champions.
           Yes, we have our own page on the mozilla.org site (thank you) 
and we have even been 'recognized' by mozilla.org (thank you).  We even 
have our own discussion forum (thank you).
Alas, that is all the 'support' extant to date.  We still have no user 
orientated newsgroups on mozilla.org servers (we use secnews). The last 
discussion regarding this, our minimum list of 10 newsgroups we were 
informed we had to minimize down to five ( which simply isnt possible 
considering we support three products, on three platforms and multimedia 
as well)
Our mozilla.org discussion forum is open to all so is not useful for 
some of our discussions. 
We have no mandate for even managing decorum and posting policies on 
those groups which we assist in. (see the apparent discrepancies between 
the mozilla.org posting guidelines and those of the Champions (listed on 
our website))
           Decision One phone support, which users have the dubious 
honor of paying for, routinely monitor the newsgroups for answers, which 
they sell back to customers.  Yet Decision One has a listing on the 
mozilla.org home page,  but to find the Champions you have to search 
through multiple pages to even find a mention.

           Yet, even in the face of this, we carry on and do what we 
can.  We are a self-sustaining, scalable, high quality  support option 
for users, yet it does not seem that all elements of mozilla.org are 
happy to work with us.

Bart Decrem wrote:

> One of the reasons we floated the RFP for support offerings on 
> Mozillazine (http://www.mozillazine.org/talkback.html?article=4529) 
> was to follow up on the discussion on this list last week.  We are 
> looking for scalable, self-sustaining, high quality support options 
> for all of our users, ideally including a range of both free and 
> paying support options.  If a group of people on this list wants to 
> work together in putting together a proposal, we'd be happy to work 
> with you.
> /bd
> Simon Males wrote:
>> Consider this brain food- a techie proposal, but a system that may do 
>> the job. I heard on another dicussion list of companies using 
>> bugzilla as a email ticketing system.
>> One top of that, have a team who sort the email and assign them to the
>> appropriate modules to which the appropriate module owners/teams are
>> experience in that part of Mozilla and will respectivly respond to the
>> query.
>> Providing an archiving system for responded to queries. Using Super
>> review flags as a form of escalation management. A QA team reviewing the
>> email before being checked in (sent), regularly at first for new
>> supporters then random unannounced live reviewing before being sent.
>> Chew on that.