[Marketing-Public]Mozilla vs Opera

David Hallowell marketing-public at mozilla.org
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 23:55:19 +0000

Jason Kersey wrote:

>>> MozillaZine forums
>> Slow, slow, slow.  Not to mention, it's external, feels real 
>> unoffical.  Not really support, but just a community they can use.
> I don't fine them slow, first off.  Second, if it feels 'external' how 
> can we change that.  I also disagree that it's not really support, we 
> get a ton of people coming ONLY for support, and not for community.

The only way to stop them feeling external is to make the support forums 
an official part of mozilla.org although it could still be run by the 
MozillaZine admins if they wanted and have a link to the MZ site on the 

We need something like:
support.mozilla.org <- main index listing all support options free and paid
support.mozilla.org/forums/ <- the support forums (keep the other forums 
in mozillazine only so they're not filled up too much with newbie questions)
support.mozilla.org/community/ <- Newsgroups and IRC channels
support.mozilla.org/kb/ <- regularly updated snapshots from the MZ 
support.mozilla.org/firefox/ <- new home for Firefox help?
support.mozilla.org/thunderbird/ <- TB help?

This would make the currently available support options have a more 
official feel and would help stop these press reviews that say Mozilla 
lacks support.

David Hallowell
LogicaCMG UK Ltd