[Marketing-Public]Mozilla vs Opera

Percy Cabello marketing-public at mozilla.org
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 05:43:42 -0800 (PST)

I guess when anybody talks about support, is talking incrementally and not
suggesting to replace a current source like UFAQ, mozillazine forums, the KB or
the newsgroups with some panacea. All resources are valuable and have a
specific target. Whatever approach to support will hardly be flawless, as it
have been suggested. 

There have been two great suggestions in this discussion as far as I can see:
- providing an IRC based support channel. It could be a Java client launched
from a support page or an inclusion of a quick link in Chatzilla to the support
server/channel. And the best, would be to have them both. At least the
Chatzilla option is costless.

- building a virtual technical support call center. People interested in
helping people must prove their skills through a test which even could identify
which areas are their strength (product/resource and level), and add him/her to
a database of support staff. including his/her time zone (as a minimal
reference of availability) and serevd languages.

Then there could be a support request form that asks: language, general subject
(which app/component), time zone and the request per se. The system will then
make a round robin with the database looking for the next available
"representative" and e-mail the user and the rep the question to put them in
contact. There could also be a user's feedback form about the quality of the
support: this will allow getting rid of saboteurs. It would make no harm since
the only penalty will be being removed from the reps database.

And thirdly, and most important support.mozilla.org should be the center of all
available resources, and host the support form, the Java IRC client (talking
also to port 80), links to newsgroups (which should be available in

I see the IRC approach a little harder to get since it will necessarilly demand
a strong server/s to handle it. But the certify/round-robin support can be not
easily but positively done with current infrastructure. And I would be happy to