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On 23.03.04 23:47, Daniel Wang wrote:

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> Phone support is linked from http://www.mozilla.org/support/ . Said page 
> also has links to documentation sites and (indirect) links to user forums.
> Users have three alternatives: newsgroup, MozillaZine forums, and IRC 
> Chat, and none of them require registration. I don't think we need a new 
> real-time support system. We have limited numbers of people willing to 
> do peer support, and I believe most of them are already contributing. If 
> our existing help forums are not meeting the needs of users, it is 
> because we don't have enough peer helpers. Creating a new support 
> channel may create confusion among both helpers and users as to what 
> channel people should go to.

I might also add the existence of the Mozilla Champions, something which
seems to be forgotten from time to time. We lend our support in a number
of venues, e.g., personal web sites, various forums and the
Netscape/Mozilla News Groups. We are officially sanctioned by The
Mozilla Foundation and we have our official site on MozDev.

The Moz Champs is a spin from the original Netscape Champions which
first came on the scene in early 1995 and was officially chartered by
Netscape. We were directly responsible for the creation of the user
groups on the secure server. We had regular visits by the programmers in
our private Champ's group. In other words, we were directly involved
with the releases of Netscape Navigator and Communicator. We even got an
all-expense paid trip to Mountain View to "meet" the "guys", etc.

We're HERE people, how can we serve you? !!

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