[Marketing-Public]Mozilla vs Opera

Daniel Wang marketing-public at mozilla.org
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:47:29 -0800

> It pretty much ends there.  I've mentioned it once or twice before,
> that Mozilla needs some better alternatives to support that could
> satisfy the need. 

Phone support is linked from http://www.mozilla.org/support/ . Said page 
also has links to documentation sites and (indirect) links to user forums.

Users have three alternatives: newsgroup, MozillaZine forums, and IRC 
Chat, and none of them require registration. I don't think we need a new 
real-time support system. We have limited numbers of people willing to 
do peer support, and I believe most of them are already contributing. If 
our existing help forums are not meeting the needs of users, it is 
because we don't have enough peer helpers. Creating a new support 
channel may create confusion among both helpers and users as to what 
channel people should go to.

I prefer community support over one-on-one peer support. Nobody is 
perfect, and if I were helping a user, I'd like others to help me out 
also and pointing out any mistake I made.