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On 23.03.04 21:24, Sean Kerner wrote:

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> You got it Rob.
> I volunteer to write a series of press releases for the effort and to do
> my part to traffic the news out to the broader news media - if it comes to
> that.
> Open Source is Community and the stuff that you list is what it's all
> about!
> Let's get rockin and maybe we can be all setup for the 1.7 stable
> release!!!
> Sean
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> My proposal I think allows for several things:
> - Instant live support
> - Free support for end user
> - Low cost (it's really not that advanced server side, could do quite a
> bit with not much resources)
> - Effective
> - Great community thing
> With the distribution of users around the globe, we could man it for
> quite a few hrs a day, if not 24x7.  One operator could handle quite a
> few tickets.  I think there quite a few on IRC or Mozillazine who would
> help out.
> If we got 10 people to help out 2X 1hr a week, we got 20hrs a week of
> tech support already.  We've got a much larger community than that.
> Just look at mozillazine.
> It could be very fast efficient support.  In fact, it could make tech
> support a big feature in Mozilla, making a serious ripple in the open
> source model.
> To monitor the quality, we could funnel it all to an IRC channnel, so
> one or two people who want can review what's being transpired.  To
> prevent any potential problems, train, and enhance.
> There's a lot that can be done to match and beat in this case.
> Microsoft isn't easy to get in touch with (without a deep pocket), so
> that's yet another thing we can beat them at.
> Sean Kerner wrote:
>>Not to be rude, cause everyone is volunteering their time and all, but
> one
>>person answering and being the *free* support for a web browser across
>>multiple time zones and geography is hardly sufficient. The community is
>>obviously willing and able to help out and it should be allowed to do so.
>>How many people respond to Opera's webmaster? I can guarantee you that
>>it's alot more than one. Opera is doing alot of things right at this
>>time - it helps of course that they're heavily and well funded too...
>>Microsoft whose whole business is built around making software easier to
>>use for people (supposedly) has multiple teams geographically dispersed
> to
>>deal with email inquiries in real time.
>>Newbies need ALOT of support and of the included variety that's instant
>>and real time. Until that happens, Mozilla will remain a tool limited to
>>early adopters and tech enthusiasts and not the mainstream...which is a
>>real shame cause we all know it's the best $#!!! browser out there.
>>just my two cents.
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> Robert J. Accettura
> robert@accettura.com

I've been directly involved in a "Live Support" that turned in to a
disaster area that left in it's wake a ton of bad feelings, etc. I'll
have more to say as this thought progresses.

Oh, what happens when the Live tech calls in sick for his/her "shift"?

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