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Jay Garcia marketing-public at mozilla.org
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 17:41:17 -0600

On 23.03.04 11:10, Ian Thomas wrote:

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> Robert J. Accettura wrote:
>> Well, there's a simple cost issue there.  Even if labor is free, what 
>> about phone bill?  That's quite a cost.
>> That's why I suggest web chat.  Would be easy to use, cheaper, and 
>> easier to man power, since a person could technically handle more than 
>> 1 question at a time, since there is a delay in responding from end 
>> users who tend to type slow.  I remember doing support like that once 
>> as a volunteer.  I could handle 4-5 at one time. 
> What about something like AllExperts.com? Basically you send a message 
> to a particular expert on a particular subject (ie mozilla) and they 
> will send you are reply by email. You can then rate them so that people 
> can choose the good experts.
> Ian

I'm answering Mozilla.org webmaster mail now and that's enough, besides
reading/replying to well over 1,000 posts on the secure server and
Mozilla news server. Geeze, how much "help" do people need ??!!

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