[Marketing-Public]Mozilla vs Opera

Ed Mullen marketing-public at mozilla.org
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 12:36:00 -0500

Ian Thomas wrote:

>Robert J. Accettura wrote:
>>Well, there's a simple cost issue there.  Even if labor is free, what 
>>about phone bill?  That's quite a cost.
>>That's why I suggest web chat.  Would be easy to use, cheaper, and 
>>easier to man power, since a person could technically handle more than 
>>1 question at a time, since there is a delay in responding from end 
>>users who tend to type slow.  I remember doing support like that once 
>>as a volunteer.  I could handle 4-5 at one time. 
>What about something like AllExperts.com? Basically you send a message 
>to a particular expert on a particular subject (ie mozilla) and they 
>will send you are reply by email. You can then rate them so that people 
>can choose the good experts.
Doesn't sound significantly different from the Mozillazine forums and
the newsgroups where the Mozilla Champions and dozens of other
knowledgeable users provide nearly round-the-clock support.  A lot of
this discussion, to me, sounds a bit like re-inventing the wheel. I
personally spend many hours almost ever day providing help on:


And even though they aren't end-user forums, many people have discovered
the newsgroups at news.mozilla.org.  We try to redirect usage questions
but it's important to give them answers as well.  Otherwise we risk
alienating a new user who just needs a little help to get up and running

The product is free and most people who choose to install it, I believe,
will not have a problem using the newsgroups and forums for support. 
One smart thing would be to ship Mozilla Mail-News and Thunderbird with
the end-user support newsgroups on secnews pre-configured and a start up
screen that explains why they are there.  Like the product, the support
is free.  If someone really wants to talk on the phone for support they
can pay for it.  Lots of options already exist.  Just my two cents.

Ed Mullen - Mozilla Champion