[Marketing-Public]Mozilla vs Opera

James H. Russell marketing-public at mozilla.org
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 21:50:54 -0500

The fee is a bit ludicrous. If you want people to use your product, you 
hire at least a couple phone reps to hang out and answer phones. Asa. 
sign me up! (right, I'd be like the 300th in line). Long holds I can 
handle. But some easy listening on while I'm on hold.

When I'd be pissed is if a company didn't provide a by-phone customer 
interface. Mozilla's marginally easy to use (I loathe its preferences; 
try showing that to a newbie!). Firefox, the browser that "is" easy to 
use, isn't supported at all! Hopefully this will change w/ FF 1.0


"Wage peace..."

robert@accettura.com wrote:

> An interesting read here:
> http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/business/technology/8246846.htm?1c 
> Ultimately, I think it comes down to this paragraph:
> "Mozilla is a worthy contender, but there's one big problem for 
> non-expert users: The Mozilla Foundation is an ``open source'' effort, 
> meaning the software is developed through the work of volunteers. As a 
> result, Mozilla's own Web site offers little in the way of 
> hand-holding for newbies. The foundation recently hired an outside 
> firm to provide customer support by telephone, but the cost is a steep 
> $39.95 per incident."
> It pretty much ends there.  I've mentioned it once or twice before, 
> that Mozilla needs some better alternatives to support that could 
> satisfy the need.
> What I'm thinking is this:
> Many websites have some neat Java based web chats that allow users to 
> browse to the website and contact support/sales.  Check 
> www.rackspace.com for an example of that.  Perhaps it would be 
> worthwhile to do so on Mozilla.org.  While it wouldn't be good enough 
> for corporate users, who need a real support option such as already 
> available, it may be useful for end users.  It could even be XUL 
> based.  Perhaps we can solicit some volunteers to man it.  There quite 
> a few knowledgeable people on IRC and Mozillazine Forums.  If some 
> would contribute a few hours a week, there is easy 24x7 coverage.
> A chatroom is a bit crazy, hard to use, and confusing to the casual 
> user.  Forums can also be daunting.  But just visiting a website and 
> clicking a button is pretty easy.
> Even if we could only cover a few hours a day, would be a nice 
> alternative.  Instant free support from the community.  Could have a 
> little quiz or qualification for becoming a support rep.  Could even 
> set the system up with a rating incentive.  When the support ticket is 
> done, prompt the end user to rate the support 1-5, and perhaps a small 
> prize for the top rep of the month.
> Would get people more involved, even without programming experience, 
> and have a great support system, fixing this obvious hole in marketing.
> Anyway.... just a thought, perhaps some can build on it, destroy it, 
> modify it, mutaliate it, or mate it with a primate in hopes of 
> creating a superior species.
> Pardon the aweful quick typing and somewhat incoherent thoughts, I'm 
> in the middle of 10 things here including dinner.