[Marketing-Public] Monster.com doesn't work on Mozilla?

Jay Garcia marketing-public at mozilla.org
Fri, 05 Mar 2004 14:38:30 -0600

On 05.03.04 14:23, Sean Kerner wrote:

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> Hi,
> Just wondering if anyone else Mozilla-land have had trouble using Monster
> (.com/.ca etc) with Mozilla?
> I've had more than a few people comment to me over the last several months
> that, 'it doesn't work."

WHAT doesn't work?? More detailed specifics needed for a fair evaluation.

> On a test case for a friend today, I experience the same problem - running
> Moz 1.6 on either Linux and on WIN32 there were half a dozen spots where
> the site won't work for a Mozilla user.

WHAT problem? What are the "half-dozed" spots?

> Can we lobby monster to be Mozilla compliant? I know they're running .asp
> but still is there anything we as a community can do?

I've been all over the site and can't see anything wrong, Firefox,
Mozilla 1.7a, NS 7.1.

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