[Marketing-Public]feature comparison sheet

Daniel Wang marketing-public at mozilla.org
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 21:20:00 -0800


*Start Point*
A big problem we have is that most documentation is never finished. Take 
mozilla.org/why/users.html for example. Will we be continuing someone's 
work or starting anew?

How are we going to organize the comparison charts? Are we comparing 
software or software solutions (e.g. Mozilla vs MSIE or Mozilla vs 
MSIE+Outlook)? If we compare softwaret, the task will be easier because 
we can just do a feature comparison but the end result may be less 
useful. If we compare software solutions, then the information will be 
useful to specific audience like home users and corporate users, but the 
tasks will be more complicated.

Will we be helping users picking out Mozilla products (e.g. Mozilla vs 
Mozilla Firebird vs Camino) or comparing Mozilla against other products?

Will the chart be official or not?

Many projects die at the beginning or half way through. We should have 
someone with consistent involvement in other projects to lead the 
project. Nominating Percy Cabello or Robert Mohr.