[Marketing-Public]feature comparison sheet

Albert Ren marketing-public at mozilla.org
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 23:15:08 -0500

Bart Decrem wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> One of the most important documents for press and companies that are 
> looking at Mozilla products is a comparison chart comparing the 
> various Mozilla products to each other and to other commercial and 
> open source projects.
> We've shied away from this because it's a big task keeping up with all 
> the competitive products, especially since products upgrade so quickly.
> What we'd like to do is use a Wiki so that everyone (that means YOU) 
> can contribute to a big table that's maintained by the community and 
> then once a quarter (when we do a Mozilla 1.x release, for instance), 
> we would do a release of the feature comparison chart and post that on 
> the Mozilla web site.
> I'm looking for a volunteer to launch this project and maintain it as 
> (hopefully) dozens of people start contributing to the wiki.  One 
> starting point is Ben's Firebird comparison page at 
> http://www.bengoodger.com/mlx9346/compare/. This page is of course 
> biased towards Firebird, which is fine.
> Generally, we're looking to build a document that highlights the 
> strengths of our various products while being accurate and generally 
> fair.
> Some products to include in the table: Mozilla 1.x, Firebird, 
> Thunderbird, Opera, Safari, IE, Netscape 7.1, Konqueror, Outlook, 
> Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape 4.79(?).
> Let me know if you're interested in starting this project.
> Bart
I'd be happy to help keep it updated.  I notice in Ben's page that 
there's even a few points of debate (didn't Mozilla 1.5 come with popup 
blocking turned on after the first popup?) and Opera 7.2's a little 
better with the MDI/SDI mix.

Speaking of volunteer groups, whatever happened to the other one I 
volunteered to help maintain?  I think it was a user testimonial thing, 
but I don't even know anymore :)