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This could be a fun one too.

Say for instance we demonstrate how IE is vulnerable to URL spoofing while
1.6/Firebird are not.

Or maybe a short Flash tutorial showing an IE user trying to look at
multiple websites at the same time while the Moz User tabs away.

It would also be interesting to do an eweek labs/PC Labs sort of analysis
where you test out the multiple product on identical machines for
performance and stability (IMHO is the most important feature bar none).

This can be touchy too - don't want to be libelous of other software now do
we? And, as opposed to a media pub, saavy types might comment that it's not
exactly impartial...

Personally, I want to first, start and execute on the commitments I've
already made, but I'd be happy to be part of this too! Like you say it's
organic and it will grow...

OR, we could just get the PC Mag/eweek/ZDnet/TechTV to do the work and just
cite/reference it..

Live Long & Prosper!


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Hi everyone,

One of the most important documents for press and companies that are
looking at Mozilla products is a comparison chart comparing the various
Mozilla products to each other and to other commercial and open source

We've shied away from this because it's a big task keeping up with all
the competitive products, especially since products upgrade so quickly.

What we'd like to do is use a Wiki so that everyone (that means YOU) can
contribute to a big table that's maintained by the community and then
once a quarter (when we do a Mozilla 1.x release, for instance), we
would do a release of the feature comparison chart and post that on the
Mozilla web site.

I'm looking for a volunteer to launch this project and maintain it as
(hopefully) dozens of people start contributing to the wiki.  One
starting point is Ben's Firebird comparison page at
http://www.bengoodger.com/mlx9346/compare/. This page is of course
biased towards Firebird, which is fine.

Generally, we're looking to build a document that highlights the
strengths of our various products while being accurate and generally fair.

Some products to include in the table: Mozilla 1.x, Firebird,
Thunderbird, Opera, Safari, IE, Netscape 7.1, Konqueror, Outlook,
Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape 4.79(?).

Let me know if you're interested in starting this project.


Bart Decrem
Mozilla Foundation
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