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wow...   a couple of really good articles today...  the "Straits Times" 
article is glowing, and "Go Ben!" on the Neowin article...

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Straits Times
... Industry-watchers and tech publications have been heaping non-stop
praise on Mozilla's Firebird browser, which has features like built-in,
pop-up blockers ...

SUPPLEMENTAL Resources for 'Rapid Application Development with ...
Nigel McFarlane, author of Rapid Application Development with Mozilla ,
writes: "Supporting reports and 'Hands On' example code are now available
for download ...

BUGZILLA.MOZILLA.ORG Upgrade Scheduled for Sunday 12:00pm PST
This Sunday, January 25 at noon PST (UTC-08:00) we will be upgrading bugzilla.mozilla.org
(bmo) to a newer version of Bugzilla. ...

NEOWIN Interviews Ben Goodger
... we at Neowin get to talk to someone who really is pioneering a new
look on the internet, so it was a real surprise when Ben Goodger, chief
developer of Mozilla ...
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NEW IE Bug Hides Real Site Address
... website instead. If you view the source, you'll see <. Hmm...come to
think of it, Mozilla exhibits the same behavior. The difference ...

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