[Marketing-Public]looking for web programmer (4 projects)

Bart Decrem marketing-public at mozilla.org
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 21:17:59 -0800

Hi everyone,

We have four projects that we're sitting on that we're eager to launch 
but that need a web developer.  please let me know if you able and 
willing to take the lead on one of these:

1.  Mozilla testimonials: every time you load the m.o homepage, there'd 
be a quote from a famous, or not famous, Mozilla user about our 
software.  Testimonials could get entered by anyone using a web form 
that would include: the quote, the person who gave the quote, contact 
info for the person giving the quote, contact info for the submittor of 
the testimonial, explanation showing the authenticity of the quote.  
Testimonials would then be queued up for approval by an editor.  Once a 
testimonial has been approved it goes into a database from which it can 
be pulled to be featured on the m.o homepage.  This project could be 
hosted on mozdev.

2.  Mozilla in the news feed: a web page that lists headlines and a few 
lines from as many stories as we can find that talk about Mozilla, 
Internet explorer, Outlook, and other topics of interest to the mozilla 
community.  This could be an RSS feed extracted from Google News.  The 
purpose is to have a web page that an 'army of volunteers' can go to 
find stories that are of interest to Mozilla and then set the record 
straight by posting comments to the article, writing to the reporter 
etc.  So once we have this tool, the organizing project could start.  
This too could be a mozdev project. 

3.  Selected Mozilla stories: a listing of 3 to 5 top stories about 
Mozilla, probably high profile, glowing stories.  Anyone could submit a 
URL to a story.  An editor would go through the queue and decide which 
stories to feature.  These stories would  then be published as an RSS 
feed that would be featured on m.o and perhaps other sites (mozillazine?).

4.  Automated tracking of donations / donations meter: when someone 
makes a donation via Paypal, we would ask them if they wish to remain 
anonymous.  If not, their name would automatically get added to a Hall 
of Fame web page on m.o.  The donation would automatically get added to 
a donations counter and a cumulative chart on m.o.  The donor would 
receive an automatic receipt notification.  This would probably use 
Paypal's Instant Payment Notification technology.  People who donate via 
the Mozilla Store would also get merged into this system, in a second 
phase.  These scripts would need to be hosted on m.o.

Let me know if you can lend a hand with any of these projects.