[Marketing-Public]Re: Mozilla is not (quite) for end users

Omi Azad marketing-public at mozilla.org
Mon, 5 Jan 2004 0:28:0 +0600

>>I suspect, in fact, that they would. Microsoft aren't well known for 
>>letting competing products use their proprietry technologies. It would 
>>certianly be nice if there were a mechanism for pages to supply browsers 
>>with fonts (although, I'm a little lost on the I18N issue - surely if 
>>you are viewing a page in a language you understand, you are already 
>>likely to have fonts with the relevant glyphs installed?), but trying to 
>>reverse engineer a Microsoft specific format is almost certianly the 
>>wrong approach.

I'm very sorry for not making you understand what I really wanted. I didn't want to see multilingual pages. You are 100% right that as I'm from Bangladesh and I want to see the Bangla pages, then I should have one font which have Bangla letters in it. Great.

But my point is. WEFT gives you the option to make your font available over WWW. That means you can get the style with the font too. Think about it. Like WEFT there ware many tools available and for some reasons they are not available now. WEFT is a product distributed by Microsoft, but the technology is made by borware.com (I hope you know about their product, which is currently closed for unknown reasons). Another product is available from EM2 Solutions for some same solutions. Bitstream had a product too. But Mozilla supports all of them except WEFT.

If I made a site with my own style, would you like to see it as usual glyphs or want to see it as I want to show you. Let me know your comments.

>>The main difficulty that you have is in determining which language the 
>>page is in and which language you want to translate the page to. This 
>>should be done automatically, although one could perhaps provide an 
>>interface of some sort.

I'm not that kind of developer, so I'm not going into your patch source. The problem is, If i use your PC where the default locale is Germany and I want to translate one France page with Mozilla, then it will show the page in Germany. It's not an argument, I'm just saying this to you. May be the translation of Altavista is poor, but it gives you a lot options.

If you have something to choose the translator, and if one can choose the translation domain, then why this feature is not coming with Mozilla in-built? Then users like me can select the domain, like we select the search engine now. Please do think about it.