[Marketing-Public]A Must See Reply

Jay Garcia marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sun, 04 Jan 2004 09:04:48 -0600

On 04.01.04 08:28, Ian Thomas wrote:

> Even their not supported page is badly designed. It has a list of things 
> you can do, and then discretely at the bottom explains what the problem 
> is (I actually missed the problem the first time because of this). Now, 
> where have I seen pages like that before?
> Ian

What you're now seeing is their *new* not-supported page. The previous
one was just a blunt and quite rude notification that for the most part
said, "Hey buddy, you can't use your favorite browser".

If you've read some of my previous mails on the subject, you'll notice
that I received a couple of nonsense replies from COX support. I just
emailed them again about this *new* page requesting to be contacted by a
supervisor or manager rather than receiving the plain vanilla canned
response which is so typical of COX Support.

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