[Marketing-Public]A Must See Reply

Ian Thomas marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sun, 04 Jan 2004 14:28:18 +0000

Jay Garcia wrote:

> Go to http://neworleans.cox.net/ and click on any "Hot Topic" under "Cox
> Customer Center" in the left side block.

David Hallowell wrote:

> OK I can see it now. I clicked on the W32.Blaster link and was told I 
> needed Windows + IE to view it - well at least it gave me a laugh!
> If you have a few minutes (I'm actually busy today) you could try 
> accessing the site using an IE UA string in Mozilla, and see if the 
> content is visible and works properly.

I tried accessing the site using the default browser in Windows 2000 - 
IE5, but I still got the not supported page (requires 5.5). So basically 
they are saying they only support customers running windows xp (because 
downloading IE 5.5 is just as difficult as downloading mozilla).

Even their not supported page is badly designed. It has a list of things 
you can do, and then discretely at the bottom explains what the problem 
is (I actually missed the problem the first time because of this). Now, 
where have I seen pages like that before?