[Marketing-Public]Re: Mozilla is not (quite) for end users

James Graham marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sun, 04 Jan 2004 14:04:51 +0000

Omi Azad wrote:

>I also don't want Mozilla to get into any issue like Sun & Microsoft. Microsoft wants people M$ depended, and it's also true that people *are* depended. Open source was not there when M$ showed the magic to mass people. So, still nothing is ready to bit M$
>I know if Mozilla comes with WEFT then Mozilla will also become M$ depended. But the issue is not that Mozilla goes for M$ depended. It's about putting an extra feature in Mozilla, so that users can get the benefit. I hope M$ won't mind if Mozilla can show WEFT pages.
I suspect, in fact, that they would. Microsoft aren't well known for 
letting competing products use their proprietry technologies. It would 
certianly be nice if there were a mechanism for pages to supply browsers 
with fonts (although, I'm a little lost on the I18N issue - surely if 
you are viewing a page in a language you understand, you are already 
likely to have fonts with the relevant glyphs installed?), but trying to 
reverse engineer a Microsoft specific format is almost certianly the 
wrong approach.

>The translation feature is also poor. Cause Google Translation is poor. I saw in Opera that they are using Altavista BubbleFlash Translation Tool and users can choose what they want to translate in which language. Batter we demand for removing Google Translation and put Altavista translation.
Hey this I actually know about!

The fact that we're using Google translation is basically an accident. 
The feature originally used Teletranslate which provided a Netscape 
specific service (with remote XUL and other exciting things). When 
Netscape dropped Teletranslate (or vice versa), the feature disappeared 
from mozilla too. Eventually, the feature was added back to Mozilla. 
However, teletranslate no longer exists. It turned out that Google 
translate wprked closer to Teletranslate than Babelfish does. This meant 
that the patch to get translate working could be checked in quickly 
before going into the beta freeze the next day. So, if you want to use 
babelfish rather than google, you don't need to "demand", you need to do 
the following:
Patch the Translate function at 
to work with the chosen service.
Change the pref browser.translation.service as appropriate
Change browser.translation.serviceDomain as approriate
Bundle the whole lot up in a patch and attach it to an appropriate bug

The main difficulty that you have is in determining which language the 
page is in and which language you want to translate the page to. This 
should be done automatically, although one could perhaps provide an 
interface of some sort.