[Marketing-Public]Mozilla is not (quite) for end users

Daniel Glazman marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sun, 04 Jan 2004 05:22:02 +0100

Omi Azad wrote:

> Internet Explorer Explorer has support for Web Embedding Font Tool
 > (WEFT), but Mozilla cannot show web pages made with M$ WEFT, for this
 > reason users cannot see Multilingual pages.

Yes, I agree 100% with you. This is important for the I18N of the Web.
But you have to understand that 99% of web pages using @font-face are
NOT internationalized web pages but pages wanting to use a specific
iso-8859-1 font, for instance a cursive font or a super-fancy title

WEFT is just a way of making a font available through the Web, using the
CSS 'font-face' at-rule, and with some protection for the font if it is
needed (the WEFT package can be restricted to a page, a site, ...).

@font-face is included in CSS 2 (but has been stupidly removed from
CSS 2.1 because there is only one conforming implementation; but will
be present in CSS 3! ;-).

I'd love to see the @font-face implemented _but_ WEFT is a Microsoft
proprietary spec... The format of EOT files is unknown.