[Marketing-Public]Firefox on Google

Ivan Icin ivanii at sezam.net
Sun, 29 Aug 2004 23:19:45 +0200

As whole thread was not posted to list I can hardly figure out who 
posted what...

>>> One other thing Mozilla could do is purchase sponsorship on Google by
>>> using Adwords.  Would be pretty easy and straightforward.

Absolutely agree, I've even posted to bugzilla that idea recently.

> I'm sure Blake has already planned that funds permitting, the problem
> is most of the search terms people are most likely to be looking for
> Mozilla already feature links to either Firefox or the suite so
> advertising on common keywords is unlikely.

Yes, Mozilla (unfortunatly not Firefox) is first for some browser 
related queries. Still there are many keywords for which Firefox does 
not place well and which are very important as it is obvious that the 
user is likely to do some action concernig browser switch (e.g. download 
browser - sometimes Firefox is not at top10, at the moment it is 3/5; 
free internet browser), or some keywords which indicate that user is 
probably not satisfied with IE (e.g. browser security).