[Marketing-Public]Firefox on Google

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Sun, 29 Aug 2004 15:55:36 +1000

David Hallowell wrote:
> Google like altering their logo for special occaisions for example
> they've changed their logo each day during the olympics.

At first thought, this is a brilliant idea.  The problem is actually 
getting them to go along with it.  It may be easier to get them to add a 
"Get Firefox" and/or "Browse Happy" button to the bottom of their pages. 
  By putting the Firefox logo with the Google logo would suggest that 
they were in some way associated with, or endorsing it, which I don't 
know if they would really want to do.

> So what would Google get by giving us free advertising?

I had thought the fact that Firefox has a google search bar at the top 
would be a huge bonus, but then I just noticed that IE on Win XP SP2 has 
a nice Google search pane available also.

But, perhaps there's an indirect, long term benefit for them.  The more 
users that use Firefox instead of IE, the more sites can start adopting 
standards, which will mean more accessible sites that can be indexed 
better, thus creating a much more accurate, and usable search engine, 
which will mean more users for google. :-)

Considering how they like advertising events and public holidays, could 
we somehow declare a World Firefox Day, or Web Standards Day so it 
wouldn't be like their just promoting another product?

> Of course the Mozilla Foundation have a lot more to gain than Google
> on this one, but it's still got some benefit to Google and I'm sure
> Google's talented artists could easily do a very attractive
> Google/Firefox logo so I'd say Google have nothing to lose on this
> one. They get a reason to change their logo for the day,

It'd be nice if it were there for more than a day, but even a day would
get hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hits.

Lachlan Hunt