raiph mellor raiph at temporalgyrus.com
Mon, 02 Aug 2004 22:30:14 +0100

Chris Ilias wrote:

>Anyone know who's behind this site:
>I ran across it, while doing  google search. It looks like a very good
>marketing site.
my 2c: 90% of the way to a great site ... some of the copy is over the 
top ... some or all of the stories are faked up ... and there's only 
nine of them.

Someone suggested a while back that one of the 10 weeks, 10 ideas, 
things should be to get a bunch of stories on that site. I think that's 
a good idea. I think they suggested 1,000, but that's way too much imo. 
I think 50 diverse ones that were real, not fake or dressed up, would be 
sufficient. Maybe less.

love raiph