[Marketing-Public]Firefox, Xth most popular piece of software on the planet

Robin Monks Robin Monks <devlinks at gmail.com>
Tue, 31 Aug 2004 12:08:05 -0300


Look at the good opinions at
http://downloads-zdnet.com.com/3302-2356_2-10299359.html .  Also be
sure to look at the not-so-good opinions at
http://www.download.com/3302-2356_4-10299359.html .

  Also has anyone heard of http://www.smartfox.org/ ?  Most people
don;t like it anyways
http://www.download.com/3302-2356_4-10291248.html .

Robin Monks

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From: Bart Decrem <bart@mozilla.org>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:58:50 -0700
Subject: Re: [Marketing-Public]Firefox, Xth most popular piece of software
 on the planet
To: Percy Cabello <pcabellor@yahoo.com>
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 Well, I'd like to be able to say "Firefox is one of the 20 most
popular pieces of software in the world" or something like that. 
Which is a way of balancing out the "niche player" coverage.  So I
need some sort of backing for that...

 Percy Cabello wrote:
 As a start download.com's popular software covers most of the basics.
http://www.download.com/3101-2001-0-1.html?tag=pop PC World's on
utilities: http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/collection/0,collid,1247,00.asp
In addition to that list: Roxio Easy Media Creator iTunes QuickTime
Winamp Quicken Money Norton Antivirus AVG Anitvirus McAfee Antivirus
Yahoo! Messenger MusicMatch If it counts, the Google and Yahoo
toolbars. As Bart mentioned: Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook
Express, not sure about OpenOffice.org You mean something like this or
try to find some formal research, some kind of census of software
utilization? Us only or world wide? greetings, Percy --- Bart Decrem
<bart@decrem.com> wrote:
 Folks, One of the things that's really struck me is that Firefox is
probably already one of the 25~50 most popular pieces of end user
software on the planet. Can someone on this list do some digging
around and try find or create a credible listing of end-user software
in terms of total users (I would imagine that Windows, Office, IE,
Kazaa, Linux, OpenOffice, Flash, Winzip... and a number of other apps
will have really high user numbers). Maybe this is an impossible
request ... I'm looking for this number or listing because it's a fun
data bit to throw into interviews ("Firefox, before even reaching its
1.0 release, is already one of the 50 most popular pieces of software
on the planet"). Thanks for your ideas. Bart -- Rediscover the web -
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