[Marketing-Public]Firefox on Google

David Hallowell David Hallowell <david.hallowell at gmail.com>
Sat, 28 Aug 2004 17:27:13 +0100

Google like altering their logo for special occaisions for example
they've changed their logo each day during the olympics.

Assuming the Firefox 1.0 release doesn't coincide with any well known
day it'd be nice to see Google having a special Firefox logo on the
day of the launch. As the logo is clickable when there's a special
occaision then people would be directed to search results of Firefox.

This is sure to get people we'd not otherwise reach curious about the
browser, mozilla.org just has to ensure they have the bandwidth to

So what would Google get by giving us free advertising? I'm sure
people could think of a few things, for me I'd say they'd benefit
because then less users are using a browser written by a company
that's trying to rival them in the search business. You can rely on
the Mozilla Foundation not to mess with a users default search engine,
can Microsoft be trusted that much.

Of course the Mozilla Foundation have a lot more to gain than Google
on this one, but it's still got some benefit to Google and I'm sure
Google's talented artists could easily do a very attractive
Google/Firefox logo so I'd say Google have nothing to lose on this
one. They get a reason to change their logo for the day, it's not
taking up any extra space and they'll be helping restore competition
on the internet - while sticking their fingers up at their rivals.