[Marketing-Public]Screenshots team

raiph spam at temporalgyrus.com
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 23:39:04 -0700

There are various projects underway to produce pages for mozilla.org

For example, right now I'm working on:

Many of these pages will need screenshots.

It makes sense to me for there to be a screenshots team.

If such a beast exists, let me know please.

Otherwise, anyone up for helping?

Team tasks might include:
1. Document software/techniques toolkit. (if press PrtSc ain't it)
2. Create conventions (eg highlight by circling in red or whatever)
3. Create QA process (eg ensure FF 0.9 used to produce 0.9 screenshots)
4. Get Windows, Mac and Linux done for each screenshot.
5. Designing a screenshot or screenshot series ("screen A has 2 tabs

love raiph