[Marketing-Public]What FireFox Has that we don't have in Mozilla

Robert Morris robert.moz at myrealbox.com
Sat, 14 Aug 2004 15:17:17 -0500

Omi Azad wrote:
> Dear All,
> I want to know one silly answer. I found that everyone is crazy about FireFox. Everywhere people are talking about FireFox. But what FireFox has that Mozilla doesn't have? I mean if I do not install Firefox and install Mozilla (the latest version of both of them), then what will I miss?
> Regards
> Omi

Mozilla has a more complicated UI, partially as a result of the 
integration of mail/news, composer, and whatnot, and partially because 
of some terrible decisions. It also has feature overbloat. Those were 
two problems the Firefox team wanted to solve. So, Firefox has a cleaner 
UI, and no feature bloat. That's not to say it's skimpy on 
features--it's not. But if it's still lacking something, you can install 
an extension (the extension and theme install mehanisms have been 
greatly improved in Firefox) to add additional functionality.

Firefox also just implements certain features better than Mozilla, or at 
least differently. History is a side panel (like IE), not a new window; 
the preferences are reduced to what most people would use (not page 
after page after page), the default appearance of Bookmarks Manager is 
easier to work with IMHO, it's easier to switch styles on sites that 
provide alternate CSS "themes" (status bar icon, not second-level menu 
item), and you can easily customize the toolbar, something that was very 
much harder in Mozilla. Oh, and, of course, Firefox is just a browser 
(though you can download an optional IRC client like Mozilla had, 
and--if they still build it--a calendar ... and you can put a button on 
the toolbar that will launch your mail program, sort of like 
Mozilla--but that's it), so it's a smaller download and has much better 
design decisions and smarter defaults (I can actually work with them, as 
opposed to the suite's).

"Better" is just a general opinion; some people still like the suite, 
and there are things I like better about it. (Bookmarking a group of 
tabs as one bookmark was one little thing--yeah, you can do it in 
Firefox as a folder, but that creates more menu levels than I want--but 
this was an awkward feature anyway that has been simplified in Firefox 
with the folder thing.) But since making the full-time switch to Firefox 
(and Thunderbird) a month ago, I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

But if you're new, I definitely encourage you to use Firefox. Mozilla 
(the suite) might just scare you away. It's part of the reason so few 
people paid attention to Mozilla products before Firefox, if you ask me. :)

Robert Morris