[Marketing-Public]let's lend Asa and Blake a hand

raiph spam at temporalgyrus.com
Sat, 07 Aug 2004 12:27:25 +0100

Bart Decrem wrote:

> <>This week, Blake and Asa are compiling a list of 2000 sites that 
> should have Get Firefox buttons but don't have them yet.

Anyone know if LiveJournal users can add graphics (the buttons) on their

> They've got about 600 entries so far.
548 right now, noon my time Saturday. Which, iirc, is about the same as
I left it last night after doing about 50 (some with contacts).

If 50 people spent 20 minutes apiece on this this weekend, that should
add another 1,000 or so (which would put the set goal within reach).

> Please lend a hand by submitting info about a few sites that you think 
> would be receptive to putting up Get Firefox buttons.
To find sites, try:

love raiph