[Marketing-Public]more re: mozilla redistribution and trademarks

Bart Decrem bart at decrem.com
Fri, 26 Sep 2003 22:12:58 -0700

No sooner was the ink dry on my last mail, then I came across a request 
from a group that's friendly to Mozilla, wants to sell Mozilla CDs in a 
specific region and would like to donate part of the proceeds to the 
Mozilla Foundation.

But they'd like to be able to use our lizard icon and text logo, so are 
asking for permission. 

And they'd like to include a piece of Mozilla merchandise with their CDs.

So this means I need to detail point 8 from my previous mail more.

It seems to me that we need to have *some* way of signalling to the 
world that something is "official" and comes from the "real" Mozilla 
organization.  Since the MPL allows people to redistributeour code, and 
my previous proposal allows people to market redistributed products as 
"Mozilla", the only thing we have left are those 2 pieces of art (the 
lizard, the text logo).  So I'm inclined to say "Only Mozilla.org can 
use those marks".  And Mozilla.org would include official projects such 
as localization and agents such as E-Flo (our official CD 
distributors).  But the rest of our extended community would NOT be able 
to use those marks.  Note that, for instance, neither Mozillazine nor 
Mozillanews nor Mozdev use our text logo, and only Mozdev uses parts of 
our lizard logo (so if we adopt that policy, we'd ask Mozdev to redo 
their banner).

We could create a second set of artwork (perhaps a different color 
scheme or a slightly different style) that we do license to our 
"community"  - so that could include Mozdev, Mozillazine, these CD folks